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Jesse E. Guerra Jr.

Swim Season Begins in South Texas

The summer swim season is here and parents and swimmers must exercise caution in taking to the pool.  All swimmers should take note of the water clarity by making sure that the main drain of the…

Shannon Weidemann

Driverless Boat in Connecticut Kills Woman

A man fell from his boat and the boat continued moving forward and hit a sailboat in Connecticut this summer. A woman was killed in the maritime accident. The man was drunk at the time of the accident. Siege and his attorney Charles Tiernan would not comment on the case today outside of court. “I can’t really comment at this point. I think the state is still doing their investigation and…

Shannon Weidemann

Childproof Home to Prevent Burns

Childproofing your home can keep injuries to your children to a minimum. September is a great time to review the basics as it is Baby Safety Month. You can prevent burn injuries by following a few easy steps. Always watch children near a hot stove and use the back burners when possible. Electric cords that are frayed are also a fire hazard. • In the bathroom, lock medicine cabinets, and…

Shannon Weidemann

Rio Hondo Fires Burns in Vacant House

A vacant home in Rio Hondo caught on fire after some young boys were spotted leaving it. The house is next door to the parent’s of a lineman with the Chicago Bears, Roberto Garzo Jr. Four firetrucks and two pumper trucks responded to the scene. It took about an hour for the vacant home to burn to the ground. Fire crews worked to keep the Garzo’s home from burning as well. The house fire is…

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Bob Hilliard, Attorney at Law

Bob has been trying cases since 1983. He has been board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law for over 18 years and Civil Trial Law for over 16 years. He has been selected as a Texas Super Lawyer 3 separate times, the last being in 2007. Bob is the founding partner of Hilliard and Munoz. A firm that has been representing people from all over the country since 1985. He graduated with highest…

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Hilliard & Munoz, LLP

Hilliard and Munoz are Trial Lawyers who practice in the following areas of law: negligent and product liability cases involving 18 wheelers/commercial vehicle accidents and all other types of vehicles, tires and machine parts, burn cases, business and commercial litigation including class actions, toxic tort litigation, whistle blower cases, SUV rollovers, oil field and refinery accidents and…

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