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Childproof Home to Prevent Burns

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Childproofing your home can keep injuries to your children to a minimum. September is a great time to review the basics as it is Baby Safety Month. You can prevent burn injuries by following a few easy steps. Always watch children near a hot stove and use the back burners when possible. Electric cords that are frayed are also a fire hazard.

• In the bathroom, lock medicine cabinets, and remove any razors, scissors, and hair dryers from the reach of small children. In drawing a bath, mix hot and cold water together, and test the temperature before putting the baby in. Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees to help reduce the risk of scald burns – it takes just three seconds for a child to sustain a third-degree burn from water at 140 degrees. And never leave a baby alone in the bath.

Space heaters can be a potential fire hazard and you should remove anything flammable away from them. Do not allow small children to touch a space heater either.